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Millions of people are excited to walk the town to capture Pokémon. However, Window phone users have had to sit idly by watching others partake in the fun. This could change relatively soon.

There’s word that Pokémon Go will soon be offered on Microsoft’s mobile platform, thanks to one Portugal fan’s complaint that he couldn’t play. Rafael Pinheiro made a Facebook post, complaining that it was not right that Pokémon Go was not playable on Windows Phones. He said he would switch to another smartphone competitor just to have the ability to play. Before doing this, Pinheiro asked the tech company to remedy the situation.

Pinheiro got a reply that said the application would soon be offered on Windows Store. The response got Windows Phone users excited, but perhaps too soon. Microsoft Portugal said there were requests that Pokémon Go be offered on Windows Phones and it the Store was looking at ways to make good on the requests.

Once again, Microsoft phone users were not happy, many leaving complaints about how they felt the company was meeting their expectations, needs and demands. Many of these complaints have said they would leave for another competitor that gave them the ability to play Pokémon Go – obviously this would make iOS and Android developers happy.

There are roughly 85,000 Windows Phone users who signed petitions to get Pokémon Go on their device – obviously, the app is that important. The tech community is left wondering why Microsoft has yet to offer it when it’s endangering their chance of losing some of the market. Until it happens, iOS and Android users will still catch their Pokémon while Microsoft users sit idly by steaming mad that they can’t enjoy it.