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Many people are excited at the idea that T-Mobile and Sprint are bringing back unlimited data plans. Fighting in press conferences, the two companies announced on Thursday that they are launching competitive unlimited data plans for customers who are using wireless, but do not care that much for video quality. Currently, both companies offer unlimited data for $95, but the new plans they prepared cost a lot less.

The deal here is the fact that if you get an unlimited data plan, you only have to access any video in standard quality instead of high definition. Thus you reduce the bandwidth required to cross the networks. Roger Entner, who is an analyst in Recon Analytics, declared that a standard quality video saves up to 5 times network capacity than a HD video.

This is a great example of how smaller companies can rival their bigger rivals. Verizon and AT&T quit any unlimited plans they had several years ago, thus leaving space for T-Mobile and Sprint to get out these types of offers in order to attract other customers.

From here you can see just how intense the competition is on the wireless market, since carriers try to copy each other in order to bring more people. The first one to cut from the video quality and lower the price was T-Mobile. Last year they introduced a Binge On service that allowed people to stream video at standard definition from some sites without counting it for paying. Sprint took on the idea and is currently offering the same Unlimited Freedom plan.

However, you will need to check out the exact details of each plan, since it depends a lot where you live, how many people are using the plan, where do you work and if you ever use the phone as a hotspot.