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The Sims 4 fans can rejoice! There are a plethora of summer-orientated updates that were released on all video games. For $9.99, players can purchase the Backyard Stuff expansion pack. The pack is centered on expanding the backyards of houses to ready them for summer parties players are likely to throw.

The largest addition to the summer updates are the two water slides that people can set up. Players can place soap on the slide and used for tricks. The most interesting additions are the two waterslides, but there is an array of other features included such as:

  • Wind catchers
  • Wind chimes
  • Umbrella table
  • Bird feeders
  • Summer drink trays

The Backyard Stuff game pack offers new sim customization features like summer hairstyles and clothing.  It also offers several new items to help Sims put together an awesome party, keeping players interested in game-playing for a longer time.