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Niantic Labs, the developer of Pokemon, has confirmed through a blog post that all cheaters will be banned. The studio already started terminating accounts, and players who were caught cheating had received cease-and-desist letters. However, players who never dared to try any cheat have received fake emails in which they’ve been informed that they’ve been banned from the game.

One of the reasons why Niantic Labs has decided to terminate accounts has to do with the use of third party tracking software. Players don’t even leave their homes, but they still catch Pokemon using tricks – undetectable GPS spoofing software and it’s unfair, because loyal players wander the streets of their towns to hunt Pokemon. Niantic has started sending out authentic emails to inform these cheaters that they’ve been banned from the game:

“Your account has been terminated. Use of any other third-party software or app, including but not limited to scripts/apps, applications used to falsify your location, emulators, modified or unofficial software, and/or accessing Pokemon Go clients or backends in an unauthorized manner is considered cheating”, reads the email.

But not all emails that players receive come from the studio, even if the contents have been recreated. These fake emails inform players that their accounts have been deleted and that they need to fill out a form to retrieve their accounts. Players should be very careful not to click on any URL that looks suspicious.

On the other hand, some emails are not fake and they usually sent out to players who used a different email address when creating their Pokemon Trainer Club account. But they’re still able to access the application, while others are required to change the email address they used to create their Pokemon Trainer Club account and to enter their real email address. Unfortunately, some players have been banned from the game without being previously notified.