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Which web browser do you prefer to use? Most people have their favorite, and you’re probably no exception. Is it Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge?

With so many web browsers to choose from, surfing on the internet is no longer limited to one or two options. Not because you use a Mac you automatically use Apple Safari for web browsing. The same thing can be said with Windows users. So which web browser is the best?

Microsoft Edge

  • Used in place of Internet Explorer, this browser is designed for Windows 10 only. So you can’t use this in other operating systems, or on older versions of Windows.
  • For a clean, minimalist layout, icons are kept to a minimum and borders are made smaller.
  • The toolbar has a streamlined design, so there’s plenty of room for a website to occupy.
  • Similar to the Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge also combines address and search in one bar, which runs across the page.
  • Cortana, Outlook and other features and apps are integrated with the browser, although they are not taking up a lot of real estate.
  • The latest update allows audio, pictures and videos to be cast to Miracast and DLAN devices.

Apple Safari

  • This used to have a Windows version, but is no longer supported. It is compatible with Mac operating systems, with the latest version designed for Mac OS X.
  • The old version used to have several buttons and options, but not the new version. It now follows a minimalist design, but still looks familiar to its many users.
  • It now comes with a share icon that also works as a bookmark button. You can easily share to native Apple platforms, such as iMessage, and to social networks.
  • It features a hybrid address-search bar.

Google Chrome

  • Among the top three popular browsers, Google Chrome is the most versatile, as it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • It is the first to simplify the user interface, prompting other browsers to follow suit. The idea is for Google Chrome to completely disappear in the sideline, so users can focus on a website.
  • Bookmark websites with just one click on the star next to the address bar.
  • Customize the toolbar or delete buttons to maintain a clean look of your web browser. Even with extensions and add-ons installed, you can easily manage Chrome’s toolbar.
  • Chrome offers speed, a good ecosystem, manageability, and usability at the expense of battery life, storage space and memory resources.

Can we say Microsoft Edge is better because it allows you to use AdBlock and the AdBlock Plus services with it? Perhaps. But the choice will come down to personal preferences and web browsing experience.