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Is it even possible? Well, some rumors say it is. There is a video circulating online based on the Pokémon Go trailer. Near the end of the video, a lady is standing somewhere near Times Square and sees Mewtwo appear on one of the electronic billboards. A countdown suddenly pops on screen, indicating that the legendary Pokémon must be defeated in 10 minutes. People rush to the area and a battle with the powerful character ensues, the crowd cheering on other Poké creatures. Finally, Pikachu and Mewtwo clash, then disappear. What appears next on the screens is the announcement that Mewtwo has been caught and the crowd goes wild.

Some are saying that the video is an advertisement for an upcoming event from Niantic where Mewtwo is believed to make an appearance and there will be a certain Trainer Battling format so players have a chance to capture the legendary Pokémon. They will probably let your team battle with the powerful character one-on-one just like in a gym. Tips have surfaced suggesting to have a lot of lucky eggs, berries, and ultraballs or greatballs in stock when Mewtwo appears because you need to throw a berry and lucky egg, then your Pokéballs when attempting to capture the legendary creature.

But others said this is not true and that the video is just a hoax to create more hype. This is because most players know that Niantic has not made Mew and Mewtwo available in Pokémon Go. Other characters that are not catchable are Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos, the three legendary birds that teams in Pokémon Go are based on. But there has been new rumors popping up that the game’s developers will be releasing updates where legendary creatures will be included. This development is expected to happen sometime at the end of this year or the start of next year.

Aside from missing legendary creatures, there are also region-exclusive Pokémon that you won’t be able to catch unless you luckily hatch them from an egg or you live in that particular region where the character is found. Tauros is found in North America, Farfetch’d is in Asia, Kangaskhan is in Australia, and Mr Mime is in Europe.

Another character we haven’t seen yet is Ditto, an important creature because you can use it to clone any Pokémon by pairing it with a Ditto. There was news about someone who hacked the game to make Ditto appear, but the app kept on crashing during attempts to catch the Poké character.

This is not the first time someone experienced problems when attempting to hack or cheat in Pokémon Go. There have been recent reports about cheaters being banned from the game. That is why it would be better to just wait for updates and the official release of legendary characters rather than try to cheat your way to capturing Mewtwo.