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Apple has been struggling with some downfall regarding their sales, and everyone observing this behavior of sales assumes that Apple is going to do something about it this year. We already know the iPhone 7 isn’t a revolutionary smartphone, so revamping their flagships doesn’t seem their chosen path. Another way they could increase sales in some products, is if they lose others and focus on bettering the main ones. The talk of the internet is that Apple is ditching both the iPad Mini line and the iPad Air one.

An analyst known to leak info about Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo, has revealed the company’s plan regarding the next iPads released. The analyst says that the tech giant will release two variants of iPad Pro, a 12.9in version and a 10.5in one. He also estimates that in 2017 they will release a mid-range budget iPad Pro at 9.7in.

As we can see, there is no mention of the expected iPad Mini 5, so internet speculations might just be right. As we can see for now, Apple is regrouping for a great release in 2018 for both iPhones and iPad Pros, by reducing the number of devices starting this year, and keeping the wow for 2018.

Another rumor that doesn’t necessary contradict our assumption is that the iPad Mini 5 will actually be renamed as iPad Pro and it might be just the smaller one presumed to hit the markets in 2017. However, Apple hasn’t confirmed closing or continuing the iPad Mini line, so we just need to wait for the Apple release event at the beginning of September.

Are you an iPad Mini fan? Do you think closing up the line is the right decision for Apple or do you wish they should release at least one more?

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