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The launch of iOS 10 is right around the corner and it will bring many new features such as a Clear all notifications button, Rich lockscreen notifications, Live broadcasting apps, Lockscreen camera and “widgets” and many more. But what’s more important is that Siri – the popular digital assistant, will support third-party apps and WhatsApp is one of them. So, how will Siri assist WhatsApp users?

The first beta of Siri was implemented in 2011, on the iPhone 4s, and a year later, it was introduced on the iPhone 5. Then, in 2013, iOS 7 gave users the option to choose the gender of Siri, to sound male or female and last year, at the September event, Apple has announced that iPhone 6s users will use Hey, Siri! unplugged.

iOS 10 bring more changes to Siri, such as support for third party apps, so users will give voice commands to make mobile payments, to chat or make voice calls on different applications. WhatsApp is the most popular chat software and it’s no surprise that it has been included on the list of supported applications (besides WeChat and Slack) on which users will be able to chat or make voice calls using their voice. This is a great move from Apple, especially because the company knows that WhatsApp has an impressive number of active users (in total, they are over 1 billion) and many of them call their friends and families every day, no matter where thy live in the world.

The arrival of iOS 10 is auspicious for WhatsApp users, who will want to ditch their Android devices and buy an iPhone running on the new operating system. If they will be too lazy to look into their list of contacts to call someone, they will just ask Siri to do that instead of them. The digital assistant will also be able to send messages for users and to read the ones they receive.