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Google Play Store is one of the core parts of the Android experience. It allows you to download the latest and most popular apps and games and search for applications that are useful for your day-to-day life. But the online app marketplace will soon become more than that, thanks to an upcoming update.

This update will reportedly allow the Play Store to have the app streaming feature. Through this feature, you’ll get to have a real-time, hands-on preview of the app and play a few levels of the game so you can decide if you like it or not before downloading it. If this sounds familiar, it’s because this feature is already available in Google Search, although it hasn’t really taken off that well since most people jump right into the Play Store when looking for apps.

The best thing about app streaming is that it prevents you from wasting your data on a game or app that you doesn’t really fit your needs. Of course, it helps you avoid wasting time on downloading an application that you’ll end up hating.

Another feature that may become possible is app purchasing while in VR mode. This is currently not possible in with Google Cardboard since users have to remove their phones from their headsets to navigate through the Cardboard app. With VR-based purchasing, it will be easier for Google to create an integrated virtual-reality experience for its users.

Both of these are exciting features, but it’s important to note that they haven’t been officially confirmed by Google to be available soon. Rather, they were discovered by an APK teardown that Android Police performed on Google Play Store 6.9, which means the features may or may not become available on future versions of the app store. Despite this, it’s still nice knowing that Google is considering these features and that we may have access to them in the future.