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Sony revealed God of War 4 during their E3 2016 press conference and the new game is a series reboot that will open the door to allow a new generation of players to experience the God of War series. In this game, the player controls an older Kratos who is now caring for and protecting his son.

This new game will be the direct sequel to God of War 3 which was released in 2010; this is also the eight game on the popular series.

The game has been confirmed for a late 2017 release however, fans are hopeful that Sony will bring the release date forwards to earlier in the year. Currently, there are no rumors that suggest that this is the case; players expect the game to be released by Christmas 2017.

It’s been revealed that the upcoming action game will have around 100 hours of gameplay for players to fight through; another report has also commented that the developers were inspired by games such as Resident Evil 4 and The Last of Us. This is very interesting news for fans of the infamous God of War series and suggests that players may see some very different gameplay next year.

This game will be an open-world survival game with a high replay value despite the strong story it contains; the world will be based on Norse mythology and will feature various Gods and monsters from the mythology. Kratos will now wield a magic battle axe which contains elemental abilities and can even be thrown at enemies.

Details about the upcoming God of War game have been relatively forthcoming so far; several gameplay elements have been revealed by the developers but most of the game is still a mystery to gamers and Sony seems to be intent on keeping it that way. More details about the game will be revealed over the next few months and players can expect to see big news coming from various conventions in 2017.

God of War 4 will be released towards the end of 2017.