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Clash of Clans players can expect to see a brand new update coming to the game this September to fix the current issues that have plagued the game ever since the last update was released. While players know that the update will address the issues caused by the recent patch, it’s uncertain how Supercell will do this. There is also some belief that this update will contain a few other changes to the gameplay mechanics.

Town Halls

Players are hoping that this update will help boost the lower level Town Halls as the last major update was almost entirely focused on Town Hall level 11 and above. Considering the main issue right now is an in-balance during the PvP, gamers should expect that Supercell will make some changes at this level to help fix things.

Free Gems

A recent report has stated that the next update will allow players to mine Gems for free; this will boost player ranks much faster and all players in the game will have a good chance at moving to the top of the rankings.

Improved Spells

It is currently believed that the September update will include some changes to the spells in the game; these changes will improve a large number of them to make them much more effective. According to rumors, this update will be making slight modifications to Lightning, Poison and also Earthquake spells. After the update, these spells will deal much more damage to all enemy troops in the game.

Troop Adjustments

Witches will once again be adjusted to make them stronger; previous game updates have reduced their combat abilities to make them weaker but fans are still unhappy with those changes and believe the Witch needs a buff. There are rumors that other classes will also receive some stat adjustments.

Away from current troops, there are some players who are hoping that a new Troop will be added to the game to help balance the current issues; it’s thought that this could be a potential way for Supercell to deal with the current issues that plague the game.