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The PvP game based on Clash of Clans is getting a new update according to developer Supercell; the developer has previous announced that there is a new major update coming very soon that will improve the current gameplay.

A recent leak has shown that the developer is planning a major August update; according to this leak, the game will be receiving major changes for some of the characters in the game. This information suggests that a variety of units in the game will be nerfed very soon to re-balance the gameplay.

The main target of this new nerf waves appears to be the Mini P.E.K.K.A as it appears frequently during games; the leak suggests that the unit will no longer be as common and that its battle stats will be nerfed. This unit will deal less damage and will be considerably slower.

Other units will also be impacted by the new change wave; Miners are also expected to be taken down a few levels so that they deal considerable less damage. Some units such as Bowlers will be seeing a stat improvement to improve their use in battle and encourage players to select them more.

Next to the stat changes, players can expect to see some tweaks so that Legendary cards are more commonly seen in decks so that players can obtain and use rare cards more. Players can also expect to see a range of gameplay changes and new rumors suggest that the developer will be focusing on the more competitive gamemodes with this update,

Supercell has not confirmed this update will occur just yet but fans of Clash Royale expect the developer to begin releasing news very soon. If this update is not released over the next week then players should expect to see these changes being implemented at the start of September.