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Are you looking for a smartphone and you’re not sure how much money you should spend on this type of device? Well, while expensive mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy 7 or iPhone 6S have some mesmerizing features, they are not necessary for the usual customer.

You might not look to get DSLR-looking photos, with features like autofocus, HDR, dual flash and whatnot. You might not even be interested in high internal storage options. Then a mid-range budget smartphone will be the perfect device for you.


If you’re low on budget, you can even take your eyes away from big companies like Apple, Samsung, LG or HTC, and look at a perfectly good phone from not-that-popular companies like ZTE. This type of companies has great devices, but they didn’t get the head start in the smartphone competition and are not as interesting to the customer’s eye. But we assure you a phone like ZTE Axon 7 that is priced at only 400 dollars, is not a bad option for you.

You can look at the video below to see for yourself what the specifications of the phone are and if you should consider this phone in your search for the perfect mid-range budget smartphone.

Marquees Brownlee reviews this smartphone and acknowledges that the best features on the phone are regarding the speakers, the audio on the Axon 7 being apparently as good as a high-end phone.


So, if you’re a big time music lover and love to rock out to some music on your smartphone, the ZTE Axon 7 might be perfect for you.

What do you think after watching the video? Is the Axon 7 a decent phone for you? Do you wish ZTE offered some other improved features to the smartphone?