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WhatsApp keeps on surprising us with great updates on all of the operating systems the app is available to (Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and today’s update is all about Windows Phone. Lately, the Facebook-owned app has received a lot of great changes, encryption being one that pleased a lot of users. The fact that it is still free and does not even feature ads is quite the surprise to all of us.

Now, people using Windows Phone can download their own update of the app which somehow balances out with the other operating systems, as well as maintaining that special feel of this OS. That might not make any sense to you right now, but we’ll explain it in a second.


If you haven’t tried out the beta version of the 2.16.164 update of WhatsApp, then you don’t know what the main changes of the app are. Firstly, we see a change in emoji, which brings to memory Facebook’s other messaging app, Messenger.


From now on, when you send only one emoji, a larger version of the icon will be sent, which we’ve seen before on Messenger as well. We’re not mad at this feature, since we’ve seen it before on iOS and Android.

Another change is regarding the Camera, WhatsApp developers tweaking the Camera so it suits the Windows Phone unique look – making the user interface more enjoyable for WP users. We can see some tweaks in the Media Sharing department of the app, as well as some bug fixes and issues resolved.

If you want to experience these changes for yourself, you can already download this update since it was just recently released to the public. What do you think about the changes you see in WhatsApp? As a Windows Phone user, do you think they should improve in other features?

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