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It wasn’t that long ago that The Sims 4 producer said the game wouldn’t sell and that there would be no sequel. However, rumors are circulating that Maxis and Electronic Arts will soon release The Sims 5 through a part EA is developing.


It’s been two days since The Sims 4 was released, and since its release, the game has had a plethora of game packs, expansion packs and downloadable content for it. On July 14, through a game patch, nannies were introduced as well as the option to adjust lighting.

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo event, fans had expected to see some announcement about the game for consoles. Nothing was mentioned, and still no information has been released about the development of The Sims 5. Rumors have circulated that EA is going to focus on producing The Sims 5 for consoles with a follow-up alternative to PC later on.

There is a multitude of negative feedback surrounding The Sims 4, with players complaining about the limited gameplay. To better their experience, the developer came up with enhancements for processing time and graphics. When the changes took effect, the players were much happier.


It could be the lack of internet for EA to offer a sequel this game. It could be that EA wants to wait until the next generation consoles are released. Microsoft is working on Xbox One S and Project Scorpio; Sony is going to offer the PlayStation Neo. Both are suspected of offering 4K resolution and VR, which means The Sims 5 could have abilities that support those two features. This would allow players to have a great game-playing experience.

Another potential reason EA is delaying the release of both games on consoles is the present amount of downloadable content coming and more packs to be released. So far, there has just been three game packs, two expansion packs and eight stuff packs such as the recently released Backyard Stuff.