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Samsung is similar to a turtle’s speed when dealing with Android updates. As of right now, just about 10 percent of all Android devices have been updated to OS 6.0.1 version. Select models of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge have updated to Marshmallow.

It’s no real surprise why some Samsung owners are getting aggravated by the delay. They may know of people who already have Marshmallow, and they’re stuck with an older version like Lollipop.


It appears that both U.S. Cellular and Sprint are pushing to attain upgrades on the models. However, when it happens, is still up in the air. That’s better than no type of update going on.

Verizon has been testing the new OS to see what kind of performance it has on the Galaxy Note 4 and ensuring bug repairs, security patches and new features for the Note Edge.

What is certain is T-Mobile, which has yet to push Marshmallow but will roll the OS on both Note 4 and Note Edge.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 update was rolled out to users in Germany, Australia, Italy, Poland and Korea for SM-N910C. It was also updated for users in Uzbekistan.

For Galaxy Note 4 India users, patience is a virtue.

When it comes to the Note Edge Marshmallow update? The news is not good. There has been some rolling going on in England and other European areas. Those living in Canada, the news isn’t good. Nothing has been scheduled for the two smartphones.