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GTA 5 has been a real success and, now, fans of this game are waiting for the sequel. Unfortunately, Rockstar hasn’t revealed any information about GTA 6 until now, but that didn’t stop a good amount of rumors to surface all over the internet.

According to rumors, the upcoming GTA 6 will come with better graphics and elements that will make the gameplay more enjoyable. GTA 5 still has a good amount of gamers that play the game daily and this is the reason why Rockstar is not rushing to release the GTA 6.


We remind you that Leslie Benzies, the ex-president of Rockstar, has hinted some time ago that the company has “about 45 years worth of idea we want do to”. However, let’s not forget that Benzies has left the company and there are many GTA fans who are worried about the future of this game series.

According to reports, the GTA 6 will most likely be released sometime between 2018 and 2020. Rumors say that the game will be released in time for the launch of the upcoming Xbox Two and PlayStation 5, which are two anticipated gaming consoles. In addition, there are very low chances that the GTA 6 will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as both consoles have pretty weak specifications which won’t handle the graphics of the upcoming game. So, if you own an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, we suggest you purchase an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, as many developers have stopped developing games for those old consoles.

There are rumors which indicated that Ryan Gosling will be voicing the main character, while his real-life partner, Eva Mendes, will be the voice of a female character of the game. In other words, a female protagonist will finally come to the GTA game, which will surely make a good amount of female gamers very happy.


Unfortunately, none of these details have been confirmed yet by Rockstar and this is the reason why we should take them with a bit of salt.

Do you think that the GTA 6 will be released before the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 will hit the stores?