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The latest update for CALL OF DUTY Black Ops 3 introduced four new Special Contracts to the Black Market, the Playlists in the Core Category have been re-ordered and some of the multiplayer and Zombies issues have been fixed. Patch 1.15 brings many changes, allowing players to purchase Liquid Divinium using CoD Points and the bug that helped players to kill any type of enemy using a knife has been removed.

David Vonderhaar (Studio Design Director at Treyarch) posted on his Twitter account about the Patch 1.15 the followings: “As always, rolls up previous hot fixes (more or less) plus whatever is done in code that couldn’t be updated via data. The odds that we change anything gameplay related between now and Champs are slim to none. A special approval process has been put in place with a default answer of “No.” See you all in 15 days.”

Here are some of the changes that the new update has brought for Multiplayer:

Special Contracts: players will find four Special Contracts in the Black Market; if they record 75 wins, players will earn a Weapon Bribe and a bundle of 10 Rare Supply Drops (Total Victory); if they pay 90 Cryptokeys, players will get an hour of Blackjack’s time (Mercenary Contract); for each Sub-Contract, players will earn one Calling Card, and if they complete all six Sub-Contracts, they unlock bonus animated Calling Card; the Underworld Camo can be unlocked for all weapons.

General: Fracture was moved from the Bonus Category to the Core Category and the playlists in the Core Category have been re-ordered, as following: Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Search & Destroy, Domination, Demolition, Fracture, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, Safeguard, Capture The Flag, Uplink and In-Game Store. Also, the “Complete your Season Pass” has been added to the in-game store.

Gameplay: two issues have been fixed – the one that caused bulled holes from a Black Market Epic Taunt to remain onscreen during the scoreboard at the end of a match, and the issue related to the “Silent Plant” option in Search & Destroy games.

Create-A-Class: Submachine Guns > Vesper > Reduced ADS recoil stability.

When it comes to zombies, the developers have fixed a bunch of issues related to: Alchemical Antithesis GobbleGum, the Disorderly Combat GobbleGum, the Theater Mode, the text color in the GobbleGum menu in certain languages, a timing specific loss of functionality when obtaining GobbleGum from a dispenser etc. Also, Gorod Krovi music has been added to Music Tracks.

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