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Developer EA has confirmed that fans of The Sims 4 shouldn’t expect any big announcements during the Gamescom 2016 convention; while the actual developer of The Sims has nothing to say regarding what comes next for The Sims 4, a new leak has revealed the next expansion.

A dedicated The Sims fansite has leaked a new screenshot that names a new expansion pack for The Sims 4; the game was posted early on a Brazilian video game website as the third main expansion pack for the game. It was called “Vida Na Cidade” which is roughly translated to “Life in the City”.

It also looks like EA may have teased this expansion in their last DLC which was released last month; The Sims 4: Backyard Stuff was released last month and included two t-shirts which featured a cityscape design.

On its own this may not mean too much but, EA also hosted a survey last year through the Sims Community which mentioned a city-themed expansion. This survey stated that it would include a new world named Metropolis and features the following description:

“Move into a bustling, modern city! Live in new apartments and penthouses eat food at carts and shop at street markets and immerse your sims in the different cultures of the city by exploring the many diverse neighbourhoods.”

While this new expansion could be named “Life in the City” is could also have a name similar to this or even just something relating to the city such as “The big city”.

The leaked screenshot doesn’t provide an actual release date for this expansion however, it does label this new city-themed expansion as having a 2016 release; this expansion will most likely be released very soon and The Sims 4 gamers should expect to receive some news about this by September.

Sims 4 players should not expect EA to confirm the existence of the expansion just yet and the company is expected to release another Stuff Pack and at least one more Game Pack before they look at releasing it.