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Seeing how Microsoft just released the updated version of the Xbox One called the Xbox One S, which does pretty good in the critic’s eye – Sony is sensing the competition rising and working hard on a new update for their gaming console, the PlayStation 4. The console will soon have its 3rd anniversary, and a 4.0 version of the PS4 will be out in a few weeks.

We’re not faced yet with a beta version of the update yet, but Sony is keeping their customers and fans in the loop by writing some articles regarding the new update on their official blog. John Koller, an employee at Sony describes some of the features the new gaming console will have and we see a lot of changes with the interface of the PlayStation.

Firstly, the blog post says that the Quick Menu PlayStation has as an option when you press the PS button, is getting a few tweaks so that it won’t stop your gaming when you want to check out something in this menu. As for now, the game is stopped when you’re trying to see your friends, party or groups, but the 4.0 version is all about changing that. Not only that, but actually being able to customize the Quick Menu to your own liking, so you can easily access the information important to you.

Other changes the 4.0 PlayStation 4 is set to bring is a different notification system, the icons and even some more background options for your main interface. This will be great for customers attracted to aesthetics in a gaming console, and were a little disappointed with what the PS4 had to offer until now.

Another nagging issue with the PS4 was that when you wanted to share one of your glory moments in a game, the sharing menu occupied the entire screen. Well, now the console is improving by showing off your most used social media option, like Twitter or Facebook, so you can share in a heartbeat your perfect playing session. Another great thing is that with Twitter updating to 140 seconds long videos, the PS4 also lets you upload larger videos to this website. If you’re a PS4 user, you know that you can only upload 10 seconds videos for now.

If you’re a curious person and are annoyed with the fact that you cannot see what the next trophies will look like and what they’re called, you will be pleased to find out that Sony is now letting you see both those things. We think this is a great little change, because now you can have a better understanding of what you need to do to get yourself some trophies.

We cannot wait for Sony to release the first beta version for the updated PlayStation 4. How about you? Are you excited about what the company is thinking to bring to the new version of the console? Can you think of other changes you wish Sony would make with the new version of PS4?