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Niantic still hasn’t made any statements about releasing the game for Windows 10 Mobile devices; the extremely popular mobile game is available for both iOS and Android devices but the company has been silent about a Windows Phone version.

Luckily for Windows Phone users, a team of third-party developers have been hard at work bringing the game to Windows 10 Mobile; the app was first released in the early days of Pokemon Go.

Several weeks ago, Niantic added extra security to their servers to stop third-party developers from accessing then which caused slow and laggy servers. In addition to this, Niantic are now able to focus on developing the game however the developer is still attacking third-party services.

The Windows 10 Mobile app was affected by the security changes and was also blocked; after this the developer was uncertain if the third-party app would ever work again. According to their reports, the development team for the Windows 10 Mobile app increased in size and were still trying to break through the new security measures.

Days after announcing the app may never work again, the developers released a new version that allowed all Windows 10 Mobile users to play the game; the team didn’t stop working on the application however to bring it closer to the current Pokemon Go version available on other platforms. The developers have also been releasing fixes to deal with bugs on a regular basis.

The third-party app is of course PoGo-UWP which has just been updated to version 1.0.25; changes to Pokemon Go earlier this month stopped the app from working once again but the developers are dedicated to Windows Phone users.

PoGo-UWP now contains an Egg Inventory and players can now incubate the eggs they collect from PokeStops, the profile page has also been added to this version of the game. Players are even able to log into the game using a Google account now.

One of the most interesting added features is device spoofing; players can now make their Windows Phone act like an iPhone however this could result in a ban.

It looks like Windows Phone users will need to wait quite a while for an official version of the game to be released by Niantic, for now players can experience Pokemon Go with the Po-Go-UWP app.