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Sadly, the easy way of playing Pokemon GO by using cheats is getting to an end. Niantic Labs, the Pokemon developer, recently began to roll out some punishment in the shape of a permanent ban for accounts that have been using third-party apps in order to cheat in the game.

If you see someone who has a full power region exclusive Pokemon in the game, someone who has caught almost all of the Pokemons in no time and with minimum effort or someone who claims to sell a specific monster for players, you can bet that they have used cheats in the game. In order to preserve the fair play of the game, Niantic Labs took the final step in order to eliminate other ways of winning than the fair one.

The developers posted on the official website of the game that they have already banned some of the players who tried to win in a dishonorable manner. On this occasion they also announced that they are planning to take every step they can in order to completely ban cheaters in the game.

So what could get you banned? If you fake your location, use emulators, modify or use an unofficial software and access unauthorized third party apps, you will surely get banned. Apparently the company is dead serious when it comes to efforts regarding playing the game in a fair manner. Also, they underlined the fact that their fight does not stop here. They will constantly make efforts and improve their weapons in the fight against cheaters and disloyal players. Moreover, they said that it’s their goal to provide a game that is fair and legitimate for everybody and that they will never cease to work in order to ensure a great quality of the game.