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This year both rivals Google and Apple are ready to surprise everybody with new operating systems. Both beta versions for Android Nougat and iOS 10 are out and people are completely fascinated. But let’s see which one is better.

Regarding the user interface, Apple took to another level the 3D touch features that was also available in the iOS 9. Now you simply have to press long on an icon and you will launch the respective widget. You can even gain control to the core functions without even opening the respective apps. Moreover, you can now wake up the device simply by lifting it up from a flat surface. Android N doesn’t stay behind and raises the game by letting you multitask when you have the phone on landscape orientation, which you can’t do in the iOS. You even have the drag and drop technique available for laptops and desktops, so you can move items between apps.

Both systems reworked their notifications in order to bring new stuff. The 3D Touch feature in iOS lets you expand any notification you receive and also to quickly move to actions and other responses. Nougat on the other hand made notifications to cover more space on the display. You can now access the setting toggles which are now customizable without double swiping.

Apple’s software is interesting also because they added a new searching feature by connecting objects in your photos and words. For example, you can type “flowers” in the search bar and the system will show you all the pictures stored on your phone containing flowers. However, Google already had this feature on the previous softwares. Apple also made the Music app easier to use and also added an artistic makeover. Still, the Play Music app offered by Google seems to be better than the Apple offer.

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