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Recently, Spring announced that they will be releasing an update to Android Marshmallow for their HTC One E8. Many users of this device will be happy to receive the update since they are currently running KitKat. The company announced that all devices will get the new OS by the end of the month.

The main features that have been modified include an MU upgrade that will include all the updated security patches. It is important to know that the update will be rolled out in phases, so don’t worry if you don’t receive the new OS immediately. Just wait until the 29th of August. The company kindly asked users not to flood their customer service with inquiries as to when they will receive the update, since the devices are gradually upgraded each day.

Though many people forgot about the One E8, maybe you need a reminder that it’s indeed a very reliable phone. It has a plastic body, it incorporates 16 GB of internal memory and has a 13 MP back camera that takes some great pictures. It was brought by Sprint almost two years ago and it initially ran on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat version.

In the course of these two years, the phone only received three updates: one for including Wi-Fi calling, one for the Android 5.0 Lollipop and a patch for Stagefright. The last update was rolled out a year ago and for this reason many people are surprised that Sprint is actually releasing the 6.0 update at all, especially since they upgraded the M8 all the way back in January to Marshmallow.

The new version for the E8 is the upgrade 3.10.651.6, a change from the 2.32.651.11 version. Sadly, Spring did not offer a comprehensive changelog, simply explaining that they will include all the updated security patches.