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Building a brand requires ambition, hard work, a well trained team and a good orientation when it comes to external collaborations. Companies have more chances to extend their businesses after making themselves conspicuous and attracting new partners. This means that the image has an important role and big brands need professional graphic designers to take care of the aesthetic aspect and software developers to be the creative minds behind computer programs. Because a company that makes and sells software can’t afford to hire unskilled people, but only pioneers and in the past years, the appetite for young talent has increased significantly. Computer software engineering salaries start at $28.76/hr ($72790 annually) and only the best will get their dream job. But, it’s hard to find the right software developer that will offer guaranteed results and in this article we’ll teach you how to determine if a certain candidate is perfect for your team.

Be Patient

Many companies make the mistake to hire developers even if they’re not the ideal candidates, because they have an immediate need for an employee and settle for what they can find at that time. Then, those B-level developers mess things up and slow down the production cycle, bringing losses to the company and, then, the inevitable happen: they get fired. It’s important to take some time and interview more candidates until picking the person who meets criteria.

Build a Balanced Team, Don’t Hire a “One Man Show”

Professional sports teams build their reputation around a star and their fans have great expectations especially from that player. When the team loses, the star is usually “found” guilty, and the same thing happens with software development companies that hire a “one man show” and put all their hopes on him. In reality, a well-balanced team will work together harmoniously, will exchange ideas and pick the best ones and improve them. The “rockstar”, on the other hand, will take decisions in the name of the team, even if they’re bad.

The Younger, The Better

The new generation of software developers has the ability to adapt to new situations. Young developers will do almost anything you ask and even if they were not trained for some task, they won’t stop until they’ll figure out how to carry out their objective. Senior developers are more experienced and have more software patterns and language preferences in mind, but if they continue to use them over and over again, they minds will get stuck on repeat and they’ll become ineffective. A fresh mind will be open to learn new patterns and skills and will use other frameworks.

Attend Local Meetups

In big cities, various events are organized from time to time, and developers who focus mostly on iOS and Android meet up to showcase their latest applications. If you attend these events, there are high chances for you to find independent developers who are looking for a decent job.

Post Your Project on Freelance Sites

If you want to create an application, but you know nothing about codes, you’ll need the help of a software developer. There are plenty freelancers who prefer to work from home and they will offer you their services for a good amount of money. Post your project and you’ll receive bids in moments.