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Have you ever tried out an application that was a let down and you thought that you could do better? The only problem for most newbies is that they don’t know where to start from and they need guidance to make order out of chaos and to build something that everyone will praise. There are many people who make millions of dollars off their applications without even being able to code, so what’s stopping you from pursuing your dream? Follow our simple guideline and maybe in a few months we’ll see your name on the list of the most popular iOS or Android developers.

What’s Your Goal?

Without a goal, your ideas will never shape up and they will remain stuck in your head. Don’t waste your talent, take advantage of it and put your mind to work. Don’t imagine it will be easy to beat the competition, because there are many app developers in the world who have a large number of loyal fans. If you’ll create an application with the intention to sell it, then you’d better start identifying your app’s target audience.


No matter if you’ll upload your app to Google’s Play Store or Apple’s iTunes, there will be plenty people who will offer you a chance, so don’t disappoint them! However, it’s important to find out what interests them, what applications are more popular online and to bring something similar, or improved. Then, find design inspiration by looking at examples of images, fonts, structures and then learn about the technical requirements for your application.

Seek User Interest

After identifying the need and convincing yourself that there will be some demand for your application, validate your ideas with Google Keyword Planner tool and find out how many people will be actually interested in installing your app. Also, you could create a webpage especially for your app and seek user interest.

Next Step: Wireframing

Create a mockup (prototype) of your application using one of these popular prototyping tools: Balsamiq, Moqups, or HotGloo, which will allow you to click through the app in review mode. A storyboard should be created as well, because it will help you understand how screens are connected between them and how users will navigate through the application.

Don’t Add Unnecessary Features

Non-core features must be removed, because, this way, you’ll finish your project faster and you’ll cut the costs of development. For starters, the application must be clean and easy to use, and these additional features can be brought much later, through updates.

Hire a Designer

You will surely want your users to have a mind-blowing experience when launching your application and navigating through it. A great design is one of the key-elements that will draw attention, so if you’re not good in this field, you should look for a professional who will listen to your needs and put them into practice.

Join The Developer Community

Both Google and Apple have a strong community of developers, but the membership isn’t free. If you wish to sign up for an Android Developer Account, you’ll pay $25 a year, while Apple charges up to $99 per year. Now that you’re officially a developer, join discussions and exchange ideas.