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Microsoft revealed their upcoming console at E3 2016 in June and stated that it would be the most powerful console ever created; the Project Scorpio console will have an eight core CPU and will feature a six Teraflops graphics card with a massive 320GB/s of memory bandwidth.

The specifications of the console put this in line with mid-range PCs and will be extremely powerful. Microsoft have revealed that the main focus of the console is VR gaming and also 4K resolutions; the console will be capable for streaming videos in 4K and also playing games at 4K.

This new console will not be taking anything away from the current Xbox consoles; games that run on the Scorpio will be available for the Xbox One and it’s slim version. However, it is possible that there will be some exclusive games to the Xbox One Scorpio. Fallout 4 VR may be a potential exclusive that won’t be available for the other Xbox consoles due to their technological limitations.

Xbox One Scorpio still doesn’t have an official VR partner which could be troublesome for consumers; it’s possible that some VR headsets will not be compatible with the Scorpio but Microsoft is expected to reveal that they are partnering with Oculus Rift for the console.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the Xbox Play Anywhere scheme; this scheme allows players to play games on both the Xbox One and PC when the users purchases games through the Microsoft store. The Xbox Scorpio is expected to be included in this considering the VR games will most likely have PC versions released also.

This powerful console is still somewhat a mystery as manufacture Microsoft has been quiet on the details for it; current rumors suggest that the Xbox One Scorpio will cost around the same price as the original console when it was first released. This would place the upcoming console at around $500 however other rumors suggest that it could cost up to $600 to match the price of low-mid end VR capable gaming PCs.

Xbox One Scorpio is still scheduled for a 2017 Holiday release; gamers should expect to see this new console being released in time for the 2017 Christmas holidays.