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If you have just gotten over the rush of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update, don’t worry since you’ll have something new to look forward to, namely the Redstone 2 update. This is said to be the next big update for Windows 10 and will reportedly be released next year.

The development of Redstone 2 is well underway, with Microsoft releasing the public beta version of the update (with build number 14901) on August 12. Unfortunately, the public beta is only available to Windows Insiders, so you won’t have access to it if you’re not an Insider. However, there’s not much to miss since, according to Microsoft, the first few builds of the beta primarily focus on bugs and issues. It doesn’t contain a lot of features; as of the moment, the only noteworthy additions are the new notifications in File Explorer, which give tips about the features that users may want to try in Windows 10.

This doesn’t mean, though, that Redstone 2 will lack interesting features. In fact, it’s expected to have lots of exciting features since its release has been delayed. Redestone 2 should have been released as a small update this year, but Microsoft changed its plans and decided to reschedule the update next year. Because of this, the tech company has enough time to improve on Redstone 2 and turn it into a major update that will bring about many new features and will make the most of the Windows 10 architecture.

Tech experts are expecting the later beta builds of Redstone 2 to have more interesting additions. As The Verge pointed out, Microsoft started testing the November 2015 Windows 10 update on August 2015, but noteworthy features didn’t appear in the beta builds until September. If this pattern holds true, beta testers may start seeing fun features next month or in October.

The final version of Redstone 2 will reportedly be released on Spring 2017. Another huge update called Redstone 3 is expected to be released on Summer or Fall 2017.