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The Xbox One S was released earlier this month and the first 2TB version has already officially sold out; Microsoft have confirmed that the console was a limited edition and that they will not be making more of them. The 1TB and 500GB versions are due for release towards the end of this month and it’s expected that they will also be limited edition.

Surprisingly enough, the Xbox One S is not a large technological upgrade to the original console; there’s only a slight difference in the GPU which allows it to stream and play videos in true 4K. The console is 40% smaller and even features an in-built power supply which makes much more streamline than the original. For most Xbox One owners, upgrading to this console is pointless as their gaming experience won’t see much difference.

Sony has been relatively quiet about the upcoming PlayStation 4 Slim console, even after the incredible success for the Xbox One S.

Over 40 million PlayStation 4 consoles have sold since 2013 and the console is already relatively small; it’s a powerful console and also supports 4K videos, it even supports 3D blu-ray movies. The current console already offers a lot to it’s owners and the PS4 Slim will need to offer a lot more to convince players to upgrade.

According to current rumors, the PlayStation 4 Slim will be released next month; despite this news, almost new information about the console is currently available. The main focus has been placed on the PlayStation 4 Neo which will be a much more powerful console and is expected for released this October.

The upcoming PS4 Slim will keep all of the current PS4 functions and as there are no confirmed details, players are left speculating what the upcoming console will also feature; there is some debate over VR support but considering the PS4 Neo is being created for VR, it seems very unlikely that Sony would support it with the PS4 Slim. Some rumors suggest that the PS4 Slim will actually be a more powerful console than the PS4 Neo however, this seems to be quite unlikely.

Xbox One S features a new IR Blaster that allows it to control other electronic devices in local range and the controller also features bluetooth so it can be used wirelessly with a PC. It’s possible the PS4 Slim will have features similar to these.

The PlayStation 4 Slim will be revealed alongside the PS4 Neo in September during the special Sony event being held that month.