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Will Windows Phone users have no other choice but to wait for Pokémon Go in vain? It could depend on the risk you are willing to take so you can join the rest of the world in capturing those pocket monsters.

Some Windows users who couldn’t wait until Niantic released the app for Microsoft’s mobile device took a chance with PoGo Universal Windows Platform (UWP), the third-party Pokémon Go app which was short-lived when the game developers adjusted their API, disabling PoGo as a result. But the third-party app refuses to let down Pokémon Go fans who own Windows devices. A recent PoGo UWP update has been released and can be downloaded. It is reported that it fixes the issues faced with the API and can spoof the device by making the game believe that it is an iPhone. This will make it more difficult for Niantic to ban accounts that are using the third-party app.

However, Windows users should take heed before downloading the updated PoGo UWP. Installing the app is now more difficult as there is a specific set of instructions you need to follow if you want to download the files directly to your device. Also, there have been reports that you will be in danger of being banned permanently if you are caught using a third-party app to play Pokémon Go on your Windows device. Aside from that, there has been news about players infecting their smartphones and tablets with malware and other security threats when they downloaded Pokémon Go apps that were released by third parties.

If you really want to play Pokémon Go that bad and don’t mind putting your device and sensitive information in it at risk, then check out how PoGo UWP can help you. Or the safer option is to buy an Android or iOS device. But if you don’t want to do both, then just continue keeping your fingers crossed that the Pokémon gods will hear your prayers and bring the game to your Windows phone or tab soon.