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Since the 19th century, people have been trying to capture moving images and they’ve experimented with photos, which they’ve blended together to create short films. Actually, the first movie was actually a groundbreaking motion photography called “The Horse In Motion” (1878) and which has a length of 15 seconds. Nowadays, the film industry is in a continuous evolution, and writers are putting their mind at work to come up with the most impressive movie scripts which are executed by directors. There are many movie lovers who like to see the latest releases in theaters, but they’re paying for the tickets. Others are watching episodes of cable network shows on their TV. But, there’s another category of people who stream movies and TV shows on their Android devices, for free, and in this article, we’ll recommend you the best online movie streaming applications.


It can be used in any region in the world and it offers a rich mix of content, pleasing any category of viewers who can select from the list of available stations. NASA fans will be updated with the latest information coming from outer space, comedy lovers will have a great time watching funny videos and there’s even specific content for women.


This entertainment application is extremely popular, but Android users won’t find it Google Play, so they’ll need to head to Showbox’s official website and download it from there. There’s also a version for PCs and what’s cool about it is that it lets you download and watch content offline.


This movie app is similar to Showbox, but it doesn’t offer the download option. Still, it has many great movies sorted by different genre and, most important, it’s available in Google Play Store.


Anime fans have their own application that brings them the best selection of cartoons sorted by popularity or most recently added. The APK can be downloaded from mobi24, but you will be required to enable Unknown sources (Settings > Lock screen and security) before installing it.


This is another awesome Anime streaming application, being downloaded over five million times until now. The downside is that, although the shows are free and they run with subtitles, the application has some annoying ads which will be removed if you’ll pay $4.99 per month for the premium service.

BigStar Movies

Want to watch something different than Hollywood blockbusters? BigStar Movies offers a list of award-winning independent movies (indie movies) and documentaries which you might find interesting. The application has 4.09 MB in size and it can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

This is a short list of some of the best movie streaming applications that anyone can try out on their Android devices. If none of them suits your tastes, there are many alternatives on the internet.