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New rumors regarding “The Sims 5” have surfaced and they claim that this game will be released sooner than expected. Unfortunately, Maxis hasn’t offered any details about it and if the developer company will keep its release pattern, the next Sims installment will appear sometime in 2019.

Every 5 years, Maxis has released a new The Sims version and since The Sims 4 was brought in 2014, there are high chances that the next installment will hit the stores sometime in 2019.

In addition, there are more reports which are suggesting that “The Sims 5” will not be released soon. We remind you that Grant Rodiek, producer at Maxis, said that the “The Sims 5” will depend on The Sims 4’s performance. That being said, we will add that “The Sims 4” was not as successful as the developer was hoping, as it scored 70/100 in MetaCritic reviews. However, we can’t say that the game is not good, as it still has a good amount of gamers that are playing it every day. Those particular gamers are now waiting for “The Sims 5”, but the question is: will Maxis deliver it to them?

In addition, we have to remind you that The Sims series is only available for Windows PC and Mac, which means that it is quite hard to reach a wider range of players. However, if the developer will be able to bring this game to the Xbox One and PS4 consoles, we are pretty sure that it will have more success.


In order to have a bigger success, “The Sims 5” will need to be released on consoles. There are more and more gamers who are now playing games on consoles, and developers prefer to create games for them, because gamers prefer to spend less money on a console, than on a high end computer. Instead of investing on a gaming computer, which costs up to $1000-$2000, then to upgrade it over time, gamers prefer to purchase a console (which costs less than $500) and make sure that they can play any game (that’s released for it) in the next couple of years.

Do you think that “The Sims 5” will be released for consoles?