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PlayStation Vita owners can rejoice once again now that the HENkaku hack can be installed without needing internet access. The hack takes advantage of an exploit in the Firmware 3.60 update and several days after the official release, Sony released Firmware update 3.61 that prevents the hack from working.

To use the hack, users need to remain on the 3.60 update; connecting to the PSN is automatically updating the consoles which makes it difficult for new users to install the hack. One of the developers behind the hack revealed that it was possible to install HENkaku without internet connection and provided detailed instructions.

Downloading the hack will still require internet access however it can then be installed on the device without an internet connection;HENkaku can also be launched while offline. The developers explained that users will need to download the HENkaku program from their official website, install the vpk and launch the offline installer bubble before the user can move on to the next step.

The device then needs to be relaunched and the Wi-fi must be disabled; users will need to open their Email app and open the HENkaku Offline email. Once this is completed, the user should be given the logo screen to show the program has started to work. If it doesn’t show then the device may need to be rebooted.


This is great news for PS Vita owners and the developers behind the hack have also announced that HENkaku has also been updated to install VitaShell 0.7 instead of molecularShell; the new addition will allow uses to install larger homebrew and apps. Several pirated games are also available for the PS Vita which require users to use VitaShell 0.7. and this change makes installing them much simpler.

Developers behind the HENkaku hack are still working on the project and intend to continue improving it so that it can get around the current attempts to kill it from Sony and also provide users with more games and apps.