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Pokemon Go has been on the market for over one month now and Niantic still have a lot of work to do; players are still waiting for the developer to implement a working tracking system, trading and trainer battles which all exist in the games.

It was previously announced by Niantic that they had no plans to add trading to the game; the statement attracted an overwhelmingly negative response from Pokemon fans. Trading is one of the main features of the Pokemon game series and is also featured in the TV series. New reports about this claim that Niantic have had a change of heart and are now planning to add this to the game very soon. It’s unlikely this will arrive in the next update but players are expecting another big feature to be implemented.

The tracking system in Pokemon Go has been broken for almost the entire launch period; the original three steps system worked for approximately one week when it was first released but even then the system was awkward and could be difficult to understand.

The last update for Pokemon Go introduced the beta for the new Sightings system that would show players exactly where a Pokemon is on the map. No release date was provided for this new system and only a select number of players were given access to the beta for this. Some rumors claim that this feature will be added to the game with the next update.

Other sources currently claim that the next update will focus on updating PokeStops and Gyms to bring them to their full potential; they state that the features are currently in their most basic forms and that they will become more interactive with the next update.The highly anticipated player battles feature is expected to be released this year or in early 2017 however, this will most likely not be included in the next update.

Niantic has been hard at work dealing with cheaters, third-party services and the tracking system; now that the company has almost finished dealing with them all, new features are expected to be released very soon.

Pokemon Go players should expect to see the new Sightings system coming to the game over the next few months and PokeStops and Gyms should be receiving an update soon.