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Niantic has officially started handing out harsher punishment for players who are cheating in Pokemon Go; in addition to this, the developer is now pursuing legal actions against all bot developers for the game.

Cheating has always been against the terms of service for Pokemon Go and previously the developer has issued ‘soft bans’ to cheaters which blocked them from playing the game for a short period. The developer is finally taking a harsher stance on cheating and is also issuing legal warning about all bot developers.

During the announcement, Niantic explained that they want to provide a fun gaming experience for all players; they added that they plan to keep working on their anti-cheat systems to improve the quality of the gameplay.

Pokemon Go cheaters have been using bots and tools that allow them to play for up to 24hours every day while automatically catching Pokemon; GPS spoofers have also been using software that makes their avatar appear in other locations around the world to catch Pokemon and claim gyms without leaving the house. There are also programs that automatically hatch eggs for players without them needing to physically complete the steps.

Niantic has officially begun handing out lifetime bans to these cheaters and services such as Necrobot are now being targeted with legal warnings. Necrobot is a paid for service that allowed players to farm their Pokemon Go accounts by hatching eggs, catching Pokemon and also collecting items from PokeStops. The developer of the service has prematurely announced that the project was ending and all downloads for it would be removed.

The upcoming ban wave will be removing a large number of cheaters from the game which will make the gameplay much more fair and entertaining; in small towns it was relatively common to see potential hackers in control of gyms, these players would have the strongest Pokemon with the highest possible CP for that species.

This ban wave has already begun and accounts will be receiving lifetime bans over the next few weeks as Niantic deals with cheaters.