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PlayStation 4 gamers are finally going to receive the update they’ve been asking for; Sony is adding folders and making library oganization much easier. In addition to this, there are quite a few other improvements being made to the PS4 gaming experience in preparation for the Sony event due to take place in September.

This beta for this new update will be started very soon and more news about the official release date for update Shingen will be released over the next few weeks.

Library Organization

The ability to better organize libraries has been one of the most player requested features and players will finally be receiving it; players will be able to create folders to collect games and apps in one place for easy access. Along with this, there will also be some new sorting tools being added so that players will be able to search according to the purchase date, installation status and also by searching for specific games using a text search function.

This is great news for PS4 owners with plenty of games and the incoming changes will be very useful; hopefully the PS4 Neo and PS4 Slim with both have these changes implemented when they’re released later this year.

Quick Menu

It may not sound like a big deal, but the changes being introduced for this feature will make the gaming experience much better. Players will be able to access it quicker, get information faster and access the various Party and Community features available through the PS4.

The menu will also be customizable so that players can create a quick menu that suits them.

Share Menu

This menu will be given similar changes to the Quick Menu however it’s also been improved so that it saves the last social network platform the player shared images or videos on; players will also be able to upload videos of up to 140 seconds to Twitter. Until the update is implemented, players will be limited to 10 second videos.

Everything else

Players can also expect to see changes coming to the UI to make it more refined and easy to use; these changes are very minor.

The Trophy Collection will be able to be viewed offline and it will now allow players to see Hidden Trophy details; this will be hidden by default but players can change this if they wish. Additionally, the rarity icons will be changing. User Profiles will be seeing some slight changes so that players can view another players Trophies much easier and it will be possible to add a unique background image to profiles.