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According to various reports, Sony is holding a special event in September at the PlayStation Theater in New York; it’s expected that the company will reveal their latest consoles: PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Neo.

This event will be officially revealing the two consoles however, they will not be released then. Even if the event does finally show the public what the technology giant has been working on, these consoles will be released at a later date.

Rumors about the PlayStation Slim are very limited, it’s thought that the console will be released at the same time as the PS4 Neo and some claim that it will be released as soon as September. No details about the specifications for the PS4 Slim are currently available.

The PlayStation 4 Neo will be a much more powerful console than the original PS4 and it is believed it will feature 4K games support while also being orientated towards VR gaming. Current details have stated that the console will feature a 2.1GHz CPU and a much more powerful AMD developed GPU.

With the current rumored specifications, the console will be able to support 1080p games and it’s thought it will also run 4K games. Players will also be able to stream and watch videos in 4K resolution however it’s unknown if this console will also feature a 4K Blu-Ray drive like the Xbox One S includes.

While the release date is currently only speculation, rumors suggest that Sony is planning to release the new console in October. The PlayStation VR headset is currently scheduled for an October release and it’s expected that the PS4 Neo will be released with it or soon after.


Sony events are rare and usually include the reveal of new technology or important details about the company; the only information provided about this upcoming event is that it will provide information about the future of Sony.

Gamers can expect to see some very interesting news this September; the PS4 Neo and Nintendo NX are both due to be released within a week of each other. It’s unknown how many details will be released for the consoles but this will be a very interesting month for the future of gaming.