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Some gamers will be thrilled to hear that playing pirated games is finally possible for the PlayStation Vita handheld console; official support for the console from Sony has dwindled and PS Vita owners have been left with a small number of games for quite some time. This is no longer the case however.

At the end of July, the HENkaku hack was released on the PS Vita firmware 3.60 update which allows games to install new games on consoles with the jailbreak. The developer of the hack stated that this was not to allow piracy but to bring homebrew games to the console so that gamers had a greater selection of games.

It looks as though developers are using the jailbreak to release pirated games on hacked consoles; one of these games in Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom which was released in 2014 for the PS Vita. Installing this cannot be done with molecularShell which is bundled with the HENkaku hack, instead users need to use VitaShell 0.7.

This is a real PS Vita game which was allegedly taken from a Vita Devkit and had its DRM removed; it raises questions about how the user that released this pirated game managed to do so. If they were able to strip the DRM from a commercial game then more games will surely follow.

While the HENkaku hack was not created for piracy, some developers will be using it for this and various teams are currently working on releasing a range of games. The future of the HENkaku hack is very uncertain as Sony has released a new Firmware update to patch the HENkaku exploit.

Firmware 3.61 patches out the HENkaku exploit and players do not need to download this if they wish; any PS Vita that tries to connect to the PlayStation Network will be updated however. Staying on the previous Firmware update will block access to the PSN but there are still ways for users to get around this.

PS Vita owners can still use their consoles with Firmware 3.60 and use the HENkaku hack to access various homebew games; more pirated games will also be released for the console in the near future.