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It’s official, Nintendo has just announced that one of the most infamous and popular Pokemon games ever created is coming to the Wii U virtual store this week: Pokemon Snap. The cult classic was first released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 and has remained in the hearts of players ever since.

Pokemon Snap places player in a Pokemon safari where the aim to take photos of wild Pokemon and the simple concept was a surprising hit for Nintendo. While the game sounds very simple, players needed to complete certain tasks to get Pokemon to pose for the camera and some of them were very camera shy.

So far, Pokemon Snap has only been confirmed for a Europe release on August 18th; news about other release dates should be available soon.

It’s also been confirmed that the Wii U will finally be receiving Axiom Verge; the 2D metroid-style action game which was first released several years ago. The original plan was to release game on the Wii U alongside the other platforms but there were a few issues which have finally been overcome.

Axiom Verge was clearly inspired by the Metroid games and in the announcement post, the developer revealed that Nintendo games were a big part of their childhood and inspiration for becoming a game developer. In an official post, the developer stated that “Axiom Verge truly belongs on a Nintendo platform” and the game is finally due for a Nintendo console release.

Excited fans can expect to see Axiom Verge being released September 1st for North America and Europe.

In other Nintendo news, the company is going to be giving out free demos for their ink splattering shooter game Splatoon. Demos of the game will be available from August 25th to the 28th and players will be able to fight in the Turf War multiplayer mode.

Players only have a 2 hour period to download and play the demo on those days; interested gamers will need to wait until 3pm PT each day to play the game. It will only be available from 3pm – 5pm PT for each of the days the demo is active.