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The Nintendo NX is expected to be officially revealed during the Tokyo Games Show in September; official details about the console have been extremely limited so far but rumors and leaks have revealed quite a bit about what players can expect to see.

It was previously revealed that the console will be released in 2017 however fans are hopeful that Nintendo will bring the release date forwards.

Recent patent leaks have confirmed rumors and revealed new information about the upcoming console; the device will be a home console-handheld hybrid which can be used as a handheld and has a docking station that allows users to plug it into a TV.

The console will have two controllers attached to the device; new patent leaks have revealed that they could be attached to the console with brand new technology which could potentially change the industry. Images and a description from the patent leak have shown that accessories attach to the console using new infrared technology instead of a USB. The accessories shown in the images are controller-like.

In addition to this, the Nintendo NX features a built in camera and seems to support AR technology; the current intentions behind the implementation of AR technology is unknown but it’s suspected that it’s so that it can run Pokemon Go.

Current rumors suggest that the console will support mobile games which makes it reasonable to expect that the company wants to bring some of their mobile games to the console; this information falls in line with previous comments about how the company wanted to focus more on mobile gaming and support the industry better.

All of the details that have been leaked so far suggest that the Nintendo NX will not be competing against the Xbox One Scorpio or PS4 Neo. Instead, the innovating console stands separate to the others and players can expect to see a variety of unique features when the console is revealed in September. If all of these details are correct then gamers could be looking at a device that changes the direction of the gaming industry.

Nintendo NX is currently due for a March 2017 release date and more news about the console will be revealed next month when it’s officially revealed by Nintendo.

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