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Xbox Live Gold members only have a few days left to pick up the the current Xbox One and Xbox 360 games before they’re replaced tomorrow with a group of new games.

Xbox One owners have until midnight to download the puzzle game, Tumblestone; additionally, Xbox 360 owners can also down that the critically acclaimed platformer, Spelunky which is also playable on the Xbox One.

Here are the games available for the rest of the month:

Xbox One

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate – This game is free for the full month, it will be dropped from Xbox Gold one August 31st which still gives gamers a lot of time to download a free copy.

This tactical action game was released in 2014 and brings characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series; there are over 120 playable characters in the game that fight in 3 person teams. The game features unique large-scale battles in the strong campaign and also a range of mutliplayer modes including locak co-op.

WWE 2K16 – The WWE 2K that was released last year is available through Xbox Gold for one month only; the game will be leaving Gold on September 15th.

The fighting game has been well received and fans of the WWE TV show will love this game; it features a wide range of gamemodes including the popular 2K Showcase seen in previous games. In this game it features the career of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the game also features MyCareer mode.

It’s seen plenty of improvements over the previous games in the series which certainly make this game worth getting; this is a great game for local co-op battles between friends and is also good for online fights.

Xbox 360

Beyond Good & Evil HD – Fans have been craving a sequel to this game ever since it was first released in 2003 and this is a great chance to see why it’s players want to see another game for it.

The game features a strong story where players control various characters, solve puzzles and seek out photographic evidence to prove that the alien conspiracy is real. This is a classic title which is worth picking up for all Xbox 360 gamers.