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Google is about to release another operating system the company calls Nougat – another program that many of its users are not sure about. In March, Google released a Developer Preview, which offered new features on various Nexus devices. A new fifth Developer Preview is set for release in the fall, and will include APIs.

Google is preparing for Nougat’s rival for its Android users, with an updated Google Keyboard app in its Google Play Store. It now offers a keyboard toggle, new background images, colored themes and new emojis.

The Android N Developer Preview 5, the final developer preview before its release to the public, will include the following:

  • Nexus system images
  • Emulator developers can use to complete final testing on apps to ensure readiness
  • Final N APIs and recent system behaviors
  • Current bug repairs and optimizations for system and its preinstalled apps


In that last few weeks, rumors circulated that Samsung would release its Note 7 phablet preinstalled with Nougat. However, it’s bound not to happen since the OS has yet to be officially released. Instead, it’s likely the latest Nexus smartphones, currently being developed, will run on the Nougat.

What Are Some Features Of Android Nougat

The Nougat is going to offer an array of features

  • New Vulkan 3D graphics API let developers add in more graphical information into frames and lowers power consumption.
  • JTI Compiler increases app installs up by 75 percent; reduces size of compiled code by 50 percent.
  • Increase in Doze mode – has a state activate when phone screen is off for some time but isn’t stationary.
  • File-based encryption and hardening of media framework increase
  • Updates of the OS will take place in the background so users can continue what they’re doing and are ready for use when device is restarted.
  • Multi-window (Picture in Picture and Split Screen)
  • Daydream (VR platform)
  • Improved language and Java Support
  • Bundled notifications