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Mewtwo was introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue, then it appeared in their sequels and various merchandise and animation adaptations of the popular franchise. The creature is voiced in English in Mewtwo Strikes Back and the Pokémon Live! musical by Jay Goede, and in the former production, he used the pseudonym Philip Bartlett, while in Mewtwo Returns, the creature is voiced by Dan Green. Mewtwo also appears in Genesect and the Legend Awakened, being voiced by actress Miriam Pultro and in Pokemon Go it’s a rare Pokemon, being the genetically altered clone of Mew. How hard it is to catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, there are in total 151 original creatures and the rarest ones are Mew, Mewto, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, and Ditto. Actually, players have discovered Mew, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno in the game’s source code shortly after the release of Pokemon Go on July 6, and it was rumored that they will become available at San Diego Comic Con event, which took place between Tuesday July 21st and Sunday July 24th, but Niantic didn’t bring them, but the developer has confirmed that Legendaries are indeed on the way.

Even if they’re the great absentees from the game, their arrival was teased before. Mewtwo appeared in one of Pokemon Go’s first trailers, where crowds of people teamed up in Times Square to fight it, and the ten-minute timer started ticking down before the Pokemon was about to be captured in a packed Times Square. These hints suggested that Mewtwo and the other rare Pokemon could be unlocked through public events. Now, the players are hoping that the game creators will finally make this dream come true, because so far, nobody has caught a Mewtwo or Mew. Even the player with the largest number of caught Pokemon (4,269) is still waiting to come across a Legendary Pokemon, to complete his Pokedex.

Earlier this week, the Pokemon GO community has revealed a video of Mewtwo being captured, but reports claimed that the video is fake, because at this moment, it’s impossible to catch it in the wild.