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A wide variety of Nintendo Emulators currently exist however, this is very different for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console; it is thought that only three of these Emulators are actually real.

The vast majority of 3DS Emulators currently on the market are fake and are actually packages of viruses and malware which will seriously harm the computer or device it’s installed on. There are several 3DS Emulators in existence which are not as big of a threat; these Emulators still don’t work and send the user around in circles with a large number of surveys that ‘need to be completed’ before the user can play any 3DS games.

Gamers who are desperate to play some 3DS games through an Emulator currently have 3 options available; Citra, 3dmoo and TronDS. However, only Citra has been confirmed to be able to play commercial games. Citra does have some performance issues when running commercial games and offers very limited support for current 3DS games.

While 3dmoo and TronDS are both available and confirmed to be real however, they don’t feature the same high performance. The 3dmoo can still run commercial games despite it’s lower performance. A fourth option will soon be available for gamers, the XDS is not available for download yet but will be able to run homebrew games once it’s released.

Any 3DS Emulator away from those four are considered to be fake right now and there is currently no official version of the XDS available for download.

When downloading a legitimate 3DS Emulator it’s important to only do so from the official developers; downloading them from other sources can result in fake or altered files. Unofficial downloads can contain viruses or malware however, they will still work as intended which can make them appear to be legitimate.

Fake 3DS Emulators are everywhere and plenty of ‘fake’ versions of real Emulators are currently available; anyone looking for a good Emulator always needs to research the download and software first.