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Tekken 7, produced by Bandai Namco, is said to be a cross-play release. This means that the video game with include an online element that will allow players using different types of hardware to compete against each other at the same time. Most likely, the game will be available for simultaneous playing on PC, PS 4 and Xbox One.


Apparently, cross-playing seems to be the trend now. If up until now fans were divided and defending their own way of playing video games, now it seems that everybody wants to make peace and to be able to play with other people on different platforms too. For instance, the games Killer Instinct and Street Fighter are already aligned to the public’s needs.


As such, this is a benefic strategy for game developers too. Cross-playing translates into an increased online traffic, and perhaps this is why Tekken 7 might be released under this shape. Michael Murray, who is a game designer, declared that in the end, the decision for making Tekken 7: Fated Retribution a cross-play belongs to Sony. Microsoft already declared that they want to contribute to the game, so Sony is the only one who is left. As it seems, the company is still thinking about it, since they didn’t offer a clear response until now.

The problem seems to be the collaboration with Xbox One gamers, since in the past they have allowed cross-plays with PC users in games like Street Fighter V or Final Fantasy VIX: A Realm Reborn. Fans everywhere are curios whether Sony and Microsoft will be able to reach an agreement regarding this.

Tekken 7 should be released sometime in the beginning of 2017, but nobody has offered an official release date. In February 2015 there was a limited arcade launch, only for Japan though.