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Despite all the rumors that have been circulating lately, it seems that The Sims 5 is not going to be released anytime soon. For more than a year now, fans and news sites have been speculating that EA has been working on the next installment from the series.

However, facts have shown that this even though they might be working on it, there’s no reason to get overly excited since it’s not going to be released soon.


One reason for which you shouldn’t get your hopes up regarding the future game is the fact that you should take into account the releasing pattern on the last few years. Maxis, the producer, always lets a 5-year period to pass between the games. As such, Sims 4 was released back in 2014, so it’s safe to assume that we will be enjoying The Sims 5 in 2019, that is, if it ever gets released.


Another reason might be the fact that The Sims 4 hasn’t been such a huge success when it comes to consumer’s response and sales. If you check the score on Gamespot, you will see that it only has a 6 out of 10, while on Metacritic it gathered 70 out of 100. Compared to The Sims 3, its predecessor, this is quite a low record.

True fans might recall that Maxis declared at some point that The Sims 5 will only be developed if and only if The Sims 4 will have a decent success. However, this declaration was given more than a year ago, and perhaps things have changed meanwhile. As it seems, nothing can hold fans back from hoping to get their hands on another great Sims game as soon as possible. There is another reason that concerns the fans though, the fact that The Sims 4 is only available on PC and Mac, not on other platforms.