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Only if you have been living in a cave until now you might have not heard about the phenomen that took over the entire world in just a couple of weeks: Pokemon GO. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny the fact that it is extremely popular and it has lots of fans worldwide. However, it seems that the game is getting more and more interesting, along with the updates the team is planning.


John Hanke, who is the chief executive at the company that created Pokemon GO, Niantic Labs, intends to create contact lenses that will make the experience of playing the game even more realistic than it is. As it seems, the lenses would show images from the augmented reality so you will be able to see the Pokemons without even holding up your phone. This would mean that you’ll no longer spot easily a Pokemon Go player, since they will be able to catch the little monsters just with the eyes.


Many are a little bit afraid of this potential development, since it mixes virtual world with reality to a bigger extent. As such, you will be able to see Pokestops, gyms and even characters as if they were real.

However, Mr. Hanke insisted that he believes this helps the game touch its main objective, that of encouraging people of exploring the surroundings and bond with their friends.Pokemon-Soccer

He also added that he had previously thought a lot about implementing smart glasses and contact lenses into this new world of the game, being a science-fiction fan. Now he thinks that everybody will appreciate this jump into innovating technology, even though some are scared of it. It remains to be seen how Pokemon fans will react to this update.