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Rumor has it that Gamescom 2016 will bring lots of interesting things, including the release of either Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA 6. Neither would be a bad choice, since fans are anxiously waiting for both of them. Recently, Rockstar has been working on many titles from their products, such as Max Payne, Bully, Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto.

However, there is no concrete information that they are working on the sequels for Red Dead Redemption and GTA. That doesn’t stop fans from hoping for the release of one of the titles, or both, why not. The company has recently launched a teaser that they are working hard on future projects that are going to be made public soon.

According to Trusted Reviews, Rockstar could be preparing some huge announcement for the Gamescom event this year, which will take place towards the end of this month. Even so, this is still a rumor since there is no official confirmation from the developers. People need to take into account the fact that perhaps the company is not expecting any particular event in order to announce the upcoming games, so they might surprise us anytime.

Many people are convinced that the sixth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series will be released sometime between 2018 and 2020, in order to be aligned with the future generation of consoles, namely Xbox Two and PS5. Others say that the team is already working on the early production of GTA 6, but most likely Rockstar still want to earn more from GTA V before moving on to new adventures.

It is said that GTA 6 will focus more on offering a more realistic driving experience and fans hope that they will include some supercars.