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There is a significant number of mobile messaging apps to choose from. Two of these apps are Viber and WhatsApp. Both are extremely popular with an array of features and options. Which one is best to download onto your mobile device? Many times a person’s decision is based on features, but instead of what their friends are already using.

What’s The Installation Like?

Both apps are easy to install on an Android or iOS device. All people need to do is visit the Google Play or Apple stores to find the Viber or WhatsApp App to install it. Both apps will identify users on their mobile numbers. They’ll be asked to create a Viber or WhatsApp account.

While Viber is installable through a Windows PC, users will have to provide their cell phone number to log into the app. WhatsApp has a Web feature and standalone app. Users will have to scan the QR code with their cell phone to log into their account. The cell phone will need to be connected to the Internet at all times, and the app will need to run on the phone.

What’s The Cost?

Previously WhatsApp users had to pay $0.99 a year to use the app. However, today, it’s free to use. Viber is free for people to use as well. What all either one of them needs is a connection to the Internet to work properly.

Who’s Got The Better Reputation?

There are more than one million monthly active WhatsApp users; Viber has about 754 million users registered with the app. As it stands, WhatsApp is far more popular than Viber, and the chances are high that people know of someone who uses it or has used it for some time.

What’s The Data Consumption?

People who send messages or photos using the apps will not use an excessive amount of data. But, WhatsApp Voice Calling feature apparently uses more data than Viber. If data is precious and users want to make a voice call, Viber may be the better choice.

What’s The Call Quality Like?
Viber is better in terms of call quality.  On top of that, Viber allows users to make calls to other Viber users as well as landline phones with the Viber Out feature. The only drawback is that users will have to purchase credits to use that feature.  It’s got decent rates, though.

WhatsApp users can only make calls to friends who also have WhatsApp through its application.

Which One Is Better?

If more friends are using WhatsApp, then the choice to use it for yourself is rather easy to make. If you spend a lot of time at your computer, then you may want to use the Viber app since you’ll need to stay connected to the Internet and don’t need your cell phone to stay connected (unlike the WhatsApp Web feature). If you want to make Voice Calls, Viber is the better choice in terms of lower data consumption and quality.