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WhatsApp developers have released a new iOS version, and the release offers an array of new features. It appears developers worked hard to better its video recording feature. Load times were drastically decreased, and large emojis can now be sent. They’ve also added the “Mark All As Read” option to the app. This option will let users mark multiple conversations as being read.

People using this latest WhatsApp version for their iOS device will notice larger emojis if only one is sent in a message. It appears Apple is making a similar change to its Messages app, but will only occur when the iOS 10 is released in the fall.

With the WhatsApp 2.16.7 update, it lets people zoom in and out of videos by sliding their finger down and up when recording. Until recently, users had to zoom in and out when recording with another app like the default camera app Apple had and to send the video when it was done.

WhatsApp developers have quickened the pace to open chats – something users will see when they start the app up. While it’s not known how this was fixed, the chats are opening faster with this WhatsApp version.

At the Chats tab, users can tap the “Edit” button so they can choose multiple chats to archive, mark as read or delete them. According to various reports, the Android version for WhatsApp will get these features relatively soon.